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Dragon Ball Z: Season Nine (Majin Buu Saga) - Dense Scratches

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Disc 3 of Dragon Ball Z Season Nine DVD box-set that I bought at is densely scratched in two areas on it. This is serious. It definitely needs to be replaced with a normal disc. But since I already asked to replace the defective Kanon DVD box-set just a few weeks ago, I decided to pay for the replacement of Dragon Ball Z Season Nine. banned me for a few weeks in the year 2008 because I returned many (but not all) of the defective items that sent me. In's opinion I returned too many items.

I had a lot of trouble because of that. In addition, I felt as if I were a criminal. So, by replacing this item at my cost I intend to avoid that trouble.

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Photo - Scraches Unmarked / Scraches Marked