The following are the photographs I sent you on August 1 and 3, 2006, Japan Standard Time.

Click on the links below to see the photographs.

1. The wrinkled seal

2. Glue and fingerprints on the keepcase

3. Dirt on the label side

4. Dirt on the recorded side

Note: Digital Eyes ( has changed its name. Its new name is DVD Planet (
         They changed their name before September 5, 2008, probably before January, 2008. Their name was Digital Eyes in 2003,
         But in 2006 their website shows "DVD Planet" as its title along with "Welcome DigitalEyes Customer." The title tag says
         "Welcome to DVD Planet/Digital Eyes - Your home for DVD!" On September 1, 2006, they showed the new URL,,
         for bookmarking. DVD Planet started around April 8, 2000, but after March 3, 2000. Digital Eyes became DVD Planet around
         September 1, 2006 for an unknown reason. Maybe Digital Eyes was another name of DVD Planet used in Amazon Marketplace.
         DVD Planet was formerly or Ken Crane's ( This URL still exists,
          but the website no longer exists as of September 5, 2008.