cds_dvds_guaranteed - marketplace

Details of the problem

They provided me a tax number as the tracking number for the package that they sent me.

As a result, when the item did not arrive, I was unable to locate the item and I had to waste a lot of time because of this incorrect information.

I informed them that the item did not arrive, but they asked me to wait for anotehr week though it was already three weeks late, compared to the average delivery time. They did not do anything about the situation. I thought that the tracking number was genuine, so I made every effort trying to locate the item on my end.

Since my item did not arrive even a week later, I contacted them and rated "1" for this order. The seller refunded my money quickly but asked me to remove my feedback.

At first I refused. Then they got angry. When I placed the same order with them again, they cancelled it. They also ignored all my e-mail messages sent to them.

I contacted them, and told them that I was willing to remove my feedback if they replied to my e-mail, but they never replied.

I had another order with them, and I had not rated it yet. This order provided a false tracking number, too. It arrived without a problem. But in view of these circumstances I had no choice but to rate this seller "2." I think they had better reconsider their behavior.