The Hudson Haven (formerly known as "cindystenger") - Marketplace seller

This page was originally created for my communication with cindystenger at Amazon Market Place.
Anyone interested in this incident is invited to view what happened.
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Note: This seller, cindystenger, changed names, apparently in the year 2012 (in or before June, 2012). They now call themselves "The Hudson Haven."

I bought "Star Trek: The Original Series - Season One Remastered"(Region 1, NTSC) from cindystenger on September 16, 2008,
but it arrived damaged like below:

It also turned out to be British Region 2 PAL discs (UK edition), which cannot be played on any of my DVD players.

More photos of this item and e-mail messages from cindystenger will be uploaded later if there is any more.

E-mail messages related to this transaction

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The shipping method used is shown below.

Photos taken on September 24,へのリンク

Additional photos taken on October 11, 2008

I got a new digital camera today, so I was able to photograph the tiny notation (Region 2, PAL) below, which could not be photographed by my old digital camera.

Insert outside the case Region 2, PAL notation